Bitches Love Ears

This is a guaranteed way to get a girl..........to file a restraining order most likely though.


5 Sick Extreme Metal Albums Released So Far in 2012

We have not done a post on metal yet, so here we go. This is entirely my point of view so I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but these are my 5 favorite extreme metal albums released thus far in 2012, they are in no particular order but there is a vid/song off each album included.

1 - Elysian - Wires of Creation

2 - Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme

3 - Meshuggah - Koloss

4 - Overkill - The Electric Age

5 - Spawn of Possession - Incurso


Pictures of Some Amazing Ink Work

We love tattoos, as well as the other things mentioned in the title of the blog. Here are some amazing pieces of art from some very talented tattoo artists. We are unsure of who did the work because the pics are not labeled, but they are all amazing artists to say the least.


Random and Funny Pic Dump

It's late and I'm bored so figured I would post some funny and potentially offensive pictures. Here you go!


My 5 Favorite Strains of Marijuana in Pictures

I am a huge marijuana lover, and I will only smoke the best bud I can get my hands on. Every time I resupply I am offered a choice between different strains that are on hand. I am always wanting to try new strains, but then there are the ones that I prefer the most up to this point. I like to smoke for specific reason and since all strains have different effects I look them up using an app called joinTogether on my HTC EVO LTE 4G Android Phone (Sprint).

Sour Diesel - My #1!!!!

Blue Dream - A close #2
White Rhino
Green Crack
Master Kush


Sexy Tattooed Girls

Since this is my first post I want to start it off right, here are a few sexy tattooed girls. This is incorporates two of my favorite things, and half of the name of the blog. Enjoy!